Wednesday, September 26, 2018


How do you deal with overwhelm?  

As a mom, I find I get hit with overwhelm pretty much everyday, multiple times a days.  Overwhelmed with decisions, overwhelmed by joy, overwhelmed by questions, overwhelmed by love, overwhelmed with papers, overwhelmed with bedtime routines, overwhelmed by noise, overwhelmed by schedules, overwhelmed by fill in the blank ________.  Not all overwhelmed feelings are bad yet most of the time it makes you feel like your drowning.

Few weeks ago we celebrated my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends.  This was a such a beautiful overwhelm!  

It has been quite some time since we had EVERYONE in our immediate family together!  And look at all those healthy, happy smiles!!!  What a blessing.

With four kids, working from home, I've had to come up with a few steps on how I deal with my overwhelmed feelings.  My five steps when I'm feeling overwhelmed: 

1) Stopping for a few seconds and replace it with one thing I'm thankful for.  
     * Putting your feelings into perspective.  
     * Will what I'm feeling overwhelmed with this second still matter in 5 years?       * Assess how much time and energy I need to use right now. 

2) Reassess my reaction.  Take a few minutes after being thankful:
     * What is best way to address this.  
     * Take time to give it to the Lord right then and there.  
     * Embrace the person with a big hug.  
     * Give a word of encouragement.  

3) Having people to use as a sounding board.  I know not everyone is like me, sometimes I just need a sounding board to work it out in my head!  

4) Journalling, this right here is not always my first thing I do but the most releasing for me.  Writing it down on actual paper. 

5) Most important! GOD

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Forgotten Rosebush

Here's a little tale about a forgotten rose bush, right from yours truly.  

Remember how our summer has been crazy?  Late summer, my sister bought me a gorgeous rose bush from the nursery she was working at for the summer.   She dropped it off at my father in law's house because she forgot to bring it when she saw me, and she didn't want it to die.  Fast forward quite a few weeks, guess who finds it 'cause "Miss forgetful" (me) forgot ALL about it.. My father in law found it!  It was just twigs by now, but he started to water it not knowing where it had came from.  One weekend at church he was talking about how he had been watering a bush that was by his garage door that he didn't know what or where it had come from.  I still had completely forgotten that I had a rose bush there.  My sister overheard this conversation, and asked me if I had picked my rose bush up.  Nope...I had forgotten my rose bush!  

Fast forward again, a couple more weeks. My father in law remembered to bring it over, and set it on my deck.  Yup, you might have guessed, I forgot about it on the deck! 'Cause honestly, life keeps on going, and I seemed to be in survival mode with only necessities happening. Occasionally, Zeke would water it when he was completing his task of watering the pots on the deck.  Finally one day I took the few minutes it took to put the rosebush into the ground.  

Once again this poor forgotten rose bush, was forgotten AGAIN!  I didn't water it, didn't nurture it, didn't feed it plant food.  I had done the bare necessities, thinking the forgotten rosebush would not survive anyway.  I had dug a hole, covered it back up, gave it a little water and walked away.  

Then couple weeks ago, I noticed a splash of color out my kitchen window!  Lo and behold, there were ROSES on the forgotten rosebush!!!!!!!!!! My sister Lydia (who gave the bush to me) was over yesterday, and gasped when she looked out the window. "Is that the rose bush I gave you?" She exclaimed. She said "that one looks healthier than mine does, look at all the roses!" She had gotten them at the same time, planted hers, and left mine at my father in law's.  

More, and more roses keep coming out.  Today I stopped and took a picture of this 'forgotten rosebush'.  

This 'forgotten rosebush' taught me something.  Roses will bloom again! 

Reminding me of the song by Bill Gaither called 'Roses Will Bloom Again'.  The chorus to the song goes...

Roses will bloom again,
Just wait and see
Don't mourn what might have been
Only God knows how and when that
Roses will bloom again.

Isn't this the truth? This little forgotten rosebush wasn't truly forgotten, and God used it to show me his love the last couple weeks. A little watering by God, a little digging, and he revived something so it could bloom again!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

New Chapter

Boy it has been awhile since I even opened my blog.  Seems like it is the same line coming from me time and time again.  Yes I've been busy, yes life has been crazy (how is it not with 4 kids 2 involved in sports and music), yes I haven't taken the time I need to take for myself, but guess what...I am going to be making changes to change at least the last one!  This is the 1st time in 13+ years I have a couple hours each afternoon ALL TO MYSELF!!!  My youngest will be turning 5 in October and is attending 4K at our local school.  Not sure how she is actually big enough, she's my baby, and going to school with the 'big' kids!  As sad as it is to know they are all growing up I'm also excited, for them and for me.

And these guys are 2nd, 8th, & 5th Grade ALREADY!!!!

Why am I excited?  We had an amazing summer with many memories.  But I also let myself wear down physically and mentally.  Did you know that being wore down mentally can give you physical symptoms?!?!?!  I did also but never thought that would be me.  I'm the 'oil lady' and should know these things, right?  Well...I'll be honest with you, I let it happen and didn't realize it for months.  So, I am going to be taking the next few months to get myself physically and mentally healthier. 

September has been a time to get the kids and myself back into school routine, music lessons, etc.  I am going to be taking a mini trip to a convention the end of the month so prepping for mom to be gone a few days.  Then when I get back, it will be very slight diet change (I'm still trying to figure out what works and doesn't work with my gall bladder gone), adding in some more structured exercise, more quiet time and journaling.  Yes, it doesn't seem like much but when mom had gotten put at the bottom of the 'to do list' unintentionally, this is huge!  As a mom we don't even realize we are doing this, especially when they are little and they require 120% of us.  Now that this new chapter is starting I am wanting to be able to give 100% of myself again but also have that 100% to even give them.  I've know said this over and over again but I will say it again...

Image result for you can't pour from an empty cup

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

What I Wore in June

Happy 4th of July!!!!! 

So June, I was better about taking pictures but not about posting.  Guess this summer it doesn't look like I will be doing both.  Here is some highlights from the month of 'What I Wore'.

Some church outfits, some daily life outfits, some baseball/softball outfits! Sometimes it's hair, my house, life!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Currently 7/2

Where is this summer going?  Can't believe July is here already.  

Softball...Hannah had her last softball game for the season last week. 

Baseball...Ezra is almost done with baseball for the season, just a couple more games.  

What I Wore...Talking of baseball/softball, I got a fun shirt.  More on this weeks 'What I Wore' post.  I apparently have been remembering to take pictures but not posting them, so a month in review post coming.

Fun...Few of us got together to make some Summer Sanity Rollers.  It was nice to have an evening of relaxing adult conversation.  Plus make some much needed Summer Essential Oil Rollers!

 Closing out the week...Saturday night the sunset was beautiful.  Was a great way to end the week! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Currently 6/20

Well apparently life doesn't slow down in this old house, more like keeps getting crazier!!!!  It is 9:30 on a Wednesday night, normally this time during the school year I'm already in bed.  

This shirt pretty much continues to sum up my life right now...

Since I last posted here is a summary of our weeks.  

The 2 oldest had orthodontist appointments.  Looking like Ezra might be getting braces the end of the July! After that we had lunch and walked the pier since neither had done that.  Then headed to podiatry appointment for Hannah.  Poor thing inherited her daddy's flat feet. 

Hannah and I met up with friends from Washington on their way to Fargo for a wedding.  Nice relaxing day at Como Zoo, supper and just sitting on campus talking. 

Tried my first 'Grilled Rachel' very yummy!!!

 My hubby bought me a brush guard for my Suburban last week.  This Suburban might be old, but we have put many many miles on it, many family trips, and paid cash.

Friday we picked up Christian from work, then Ezra from Valley Fair where he performed with the band and headed towards Fargo for the weekend.

 Where Kezia got to wear the dress I made my niece Ashley over 15 years ago!

The kids got to play for hours with some friends.

Then back home for swimming lessons!

And more ball games!!!!!!  Not sure who is more tired, the kids or mom?!?!??!  

I am just so thankful that I am here and able to do all these things with the kids, making memories.  That is what summer break is about. 



Monday, June 11, 2018

Currently 6/11

 Hold on tight, summer break has officially started at the Nelson house.  This week we have 3 baseball games, 2 softball games, 3 band practices, 3 days of basketball camp, Ezra has a band performance at Valley Fair, wedding in Fargo, what did I miss?!?!?!?  That is just the upcoming week, what about last week.  

Lunch with friends & Day Trip to Children's Museum

Zeke lost another tooth!

Ezra attended a 'Men's Retreat' in Alfred, ND
He got to enjoy some fishing, here he is holding a 36 inch Northern Pike!

Girls day running errands & lunch

Plus a couple baseball games and a softball game.

I'm enjoying not having to get everyone up for school, especially with our crazy schedule.  It also gives me a little time each morning to head outside before the craziness begins each day!!!!!

Christian and I also got to enjoy a mini date to Menards and supper Friday night, plus no kids Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning thanks for my mom! Mini dates are always good for a marriage.  

Praying you have a blessed week.  Follow us on Instragram for more adventures.