Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crazy Country Road Lady trying something new!!!

Every time I look at a blog, in the back of my head I say "I should really do that".  Living on a county road and living in a house built in 1902, I'm pretty country :D

A little about myself.. I'm trying to do my best as a "homemaker" as it says in Titus 2.  I've been married for 9.5 years to my best friend, and I have 3 kids ranging from 7.5, 4.5 and 20 months.  

My youngest keeps me on my toes.  At 2 weeks he fell from the kitchen counter in his bouncy seat (yup, I didn't listen to the warnings on the seat!) which resulted in my first for my kids....broken bone, (skull fracture to be exact) ambulance ride, and hospitalization (besides birth).  He is also dairy, and gluten intolerant.

Figure I should share my dairy and gluten free recipes that turned out okay.  Along with Pintrest ideas that have worked.  Also, some sewing projects that I have put together.  Crazy outfits.  And everything in between.

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