Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What I Wore 10/29

A while back I happened across a blog called The Pleated Poppy.  I enjoyed watching for what she wore each day, then life got crazy and I stopped reading her blog.  Funny thing is, recently Becky, from Choose Happy started linking up with her.  Since I am starting to blog a few times a week, I decided to attempt to join.

I am a stay at home mom that only tends to dress nicely a couple times a week I quickly came to the realization this was going to be a LOT harder then I thought!

My birthday with a ton of errands and a chiropractor appointment.  

Sweater:  Target
Tee:  Gap
Jeans:  Rue 21
Flats:  Airwalk from Payless
Necklace:  Origami Owl (Birthday present last year.  It has 4 little kids, 2 little girls with pig tails and 2 little boys.  Each have their birth stone on the belly.  One piece of jewelry besides my wedding ring that I wear almost every day!)

Birthday Party!!!  Taken after everyone had left and I was DEAD on my feet!

Sweater:  H&M
Tank:  Maurices
Belt:  Not sure where it came from
Jeans:  Rue 21
Boots:  Khol's
Necklace:  Origami Owl

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  1. Both outfits are super cute! Thanks for stopping by. I just recently got the courage to start wearing high needed boots. Something about feeling taller kind of makes me self conscience. :D

    1. If I wear heels over 2 inches I'm taller then my husband, so I don't do it very often. Maybe I should be on the look out for some cute 1.5 inch heeled boots for this winter. They work better for chasing a 3 and one year old :D Yet cute and feminine.