Friday, November 14, 2014

This Old House: Vol 7

Baking/cooking frenzy happening in "This Old House" today.

My dad asked my sister and I earlier this week if we would surprise my mom with bringing them supper for their anniversary today.  So, I've been baking and cooking all morning.

Ran out of counter space in the kitchen !!!
Hershey chocolate cake for my nieces birthday party tomorrow, apple crisp, and buns.

Meat Loaf in the crock pot.

Favorite Cookbooks

At my bridal shower, I was given the bottom cookbook with a recipe from each person.  Such a neat book to have.  Betty Crocker is always a favorite of mine also, especially this one, that use to be my Grandma Mom's

 My Helper

So maybe not much help, at least she is cute!

Recipes from today:

Now, if the kitchen would magically clean itself, that would be perfect!


  1. This all looks AMAZING!!! I am sure it was the perfect anniv. dinner! Those rolls, yum! And a hershey cake? Double yum!

    1. It was fun to surprise my mom. Too bad I can't eat gluten!!!!! I did hear that they were yummy.