Friday, November 21, 2014

This Old House: Vol 8



This week, I am dreaming of redoing our half bath on the main floor.  My sister is currently painting her bathroom, and was sending me pictures.  This got me thinking about our bathroom that guests use. 

Years ago, it had a nasty green sink and toilet, so I tried to figure out something to make it fun.  Rubber ducks were really popular at the time....

It was fun at the time, but 10+ years later, the toilet and sink have been replaced, and the kids have managed to start pulling the border down!

So, pintrest here I come for ideas! 

I was thinking of painting it the same orange as the nursery, which is attached to the bathroom. 

I would love to put wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls.  Maybe I should paint the trim, cabinet, and wainscoting white, to lighten the room up and bring some "time era" back to the room.

Maybe add some fun printables, to go along with the coloring/nursery theme.  It might be nice, being able to change them out when the room next to it isn't the owl nursery anymore. 

I've realized over the years, I need change every so often!!!!! My poor hubby doesn't do well with change, unfortunately.

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