Friday, December 19, 2014

This Old House: Vol 11

This week, I started working on the half bath redo, then I got sick.  We are hoping to work more on it this weekend and buy all the supplies.

The kids backpack hooks were the only finished project this week.  Years ago when we added our entry, I sometimes wish I would've done things a bit different.  For one, the spacing between the top hooks and the bottom hooks when you come in the door. 

I have found there isn't enough room between the adult coats and the kids coats.  We have also added a couple more kids since then.  With all their winter gear there isn't a lot of extra space for school backpacks.  

So, I asked my husband to hang some extra hooks.  Super simple, easy project that took him less then 10 minutes.  He was even talking on the phone while putting up the hooks!

This is the old door that use to do to the basement, that is now nailed shut.  The kids are excited to not get wet feet anymore, walking back into where all their winter gear is hung!

The goal is to have the half bathroom done before our annual New Years Eve party!  

Have a blessed weekend!


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