Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mother's Musing: County Fair Highlights

County Fair Highlights

The County Fair each year is exciting, frustrating, and crazy busy for a mom!  I'm sure there is a few more white hairs on my head but we survived and the kids had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!

This year I had a 1st year Cloverbud.  She made cookies, a rock creature, and a homemade craft.  And one who took Shooting Sports, Photography, and Lego's.  So much fun to see them try new things.

The kids worked at the 4H Food Stand with our group for a few hours on Wednesday.

Checking out their projects on display.

Fair Fun!!!!!!

Garden Tractor Pull

And of course fair FOOD!!!!!

Each year it seems we ask ourselves, is it worth it.  Once again, they were planning next years projects already on the drive home!  

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