Friday, December 11, 2015

December Catch Up

This month is flying by.  I had a bunch of posts started but ever finished.  Life happens...little recap of our last few weeks, couple 'what I wore', some thankful.

Thankful... Ever been given something you didn't want?  In my diamond club travels I was given something I didn't even know I received until this week.  Some fine little Lone Star tick decided to become my friend apparently and shared with me. 

Being a Mom of 4 life can get busy but joint inflammation, headaches seemed to be more then normal in the last couple months.  Then hives, and respiratory issues which lead me to go to the doctor and do blood tests to rule out the crazy things!  
That fine little Lone Star tick gave me ehrlichiosis. Praise the Lord nothing more serious.  I will not feel 'normal' whatever that is for a few more months.  But in the process of taking care of it!

Sneak Preview Winter House Tour....Hung my snowflake again this year.  Love how it adds to the room.

What I Wore....My sister asked if I wanted to meet at our parents and go for a walk.  So here we are.  Don't we look so nice and coordinated even.   I've still for the most part following the 'No Pants November', it might of just stuck.

 Skating...I haven't gone skating in years.  The youth have been trying to go once a month for Christian Music Night.  Saturday night I decided to join them. Had a blast.  The big kids are getting really good!

Baby girl was enjoying herself also!  She had lots of people to entertain her.

Little catch up on what has been happening in our lives last few weeks.


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