Thursday, November 21, 2013


Yup I've been missing in action for quite sometime and here is why....
On my birthday I gave birthday to Little Miss...Happy Birthday to myself!  So far she's been a pretty good infant once we all got over illnesses starting the night we came home.

My pregnancy was like my others and I was miserable hence MIA.  So here is hoping to be back.  To start the off I share her nursery.

Since I didn't know what I was having and didn't want to repaint the tiger orange walls, I decided on bold colored owls.

My mom has made each of the kids a quilt for their rooms.  This time she got off easy when I found this panel at Joann's and bought it for her to finish for me.  And it matched perfectly! Which can still be purchased at

And I wanted something a bit different in the room from before so I scouted Etsy for some clings and found these which were PERFECT to complete the room.

Now to get back to a normal schedule and back to blogging.