Sunday, December 9, 2012

Window Pane Message Board

Yup cold and snow have ascended on our house.  And I convinced dear hubby to help me with a Pintrest idea.  So here is our project.

And yes he had to draw on it after he hung it for me :D
 A few years ago, we put in new windows in our house but we couldn't part with the old panes.   Thankfully, we put them in the shed, and I went and pulled out one.  I painted it brown like the woodwork in the entry way.

Then I was brain storming what to put behind the glass.  I kind of wanted to do wrapping paper to change every season, but wasn't sure I wanted to mess with it that much.  Then Friday, I was at Walmart and walked past the fabric section. Lo, and behold, the lady had a small piece of light colored burlap right there.  I asked her how much for that piece, and she said "$1.29".  So, I took that piece.

Then the question was, "how do I attach it?"  Hubby said, I could use cardboard and small nails to secure it.  I would have to say, I think finding and fitting cardboard to the frame was the hardest part!  Once we got that fitted we wrapped the burlap around it and taped it to the cardboard.

  Here is the back....He used small nails to hold the cardboard with the burlap on it, and bent them to keep it in there tight.  Unfortunately he must of hit the glass in a couple areas and cracked the glass.  Good thing we have an almost endless supply of window panes in the shed.  When I feel more ambitious, I will go out and get another and paint it again.

He also put 2 nails into the sides, and stretched wire between them to hang it with.
Finished product in the entry....Please excuse the mess.  The kids had just come in from playing outside!
 Yes, he helped A LOT. Mostly because he said I wasn't doing it right, and I was more than happy to let him help me.

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