Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Nelson's Sign

I have been wanting a Nelson sign to hang in our entry way for awhile now.  But last week during our "snow day" I decided to just make my own.  I took an old wooden shelf that was laying in the basement and painted it brown when I painted my window pane.  Yes trying to keep from having to wash the paint brush again!

So first I painted it just plain brown.  Then I took my cheap stencil letters from Walmart and sponge and painted on the letters for Nelson

Yes there is White Out in there....after it all dried I was NOT happy with how blotchy my letters looked.  Plus I really wanted it to say The Nelson's and have the year we were married.  Since I didn't have little stencils and it was perfect anyways I decided to hang draw the rest.  Plus touch up the big letters.

By no means is it perfect but it will work for what I want it to.

And my flash was having a slight problem.  I will try to take another one upstairs where the lighting is better before I hang it.

When I told Christian where I would like it hung....

above the window going down the stairs (yes I need to clean the stairs going to the basement on my agenda for this week yet!).  He said he was not even going to put anything behind just screw it straight to the wall. 

Will up date when I get it actually hung, hoping he will have time this week before company on Sunday.

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