Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday Snow Day

Yesterday, school was called off, and hubby didn't go to work since we had had over 15 inches dumped on us within 24 hours.  Normally, the kids and I would've made cookies, (yes they asked) but being I was feeling a bit under the weather, I really didn't need that sugar.  Plus, the thought of making regular cookies, then gluten/dairy free cookies really held no appeal.

So, I pulled out the project I originally was going to hold off doing with them until winter break.  Yes Ezra 7 and Hannah 4.5 sewed their 1st pair of PJ pants.  With much guidance, since this really is their first project.

Thankfully, I had already cut it all out.  But, being me, no pattern.  Pants are pretty easy to just cut out from a pair that currently fit them.  Just make sure you leave enough room for the seam allowance, not like me!  Theirs were a little tighter on the legs than I would've liked.

First, they sewed the crotch pieces of the front and back together.  Then, the side seams.  Ezra did quite well controlling the pedal, and making sure this fabric was going correctly.  Hannah, on the other hand, yes she did fine with the pedal, but NOT paying attention to what she was suppose to be doing!  But, after fitting them, (and with me sewing the top to put the elastic in) they hemmed them.

Then, I bought plain tee shirts for them.  I cut out a different coloured robot for each of them, and sewed them to the tee shirts.

They turned out pretty neat, and the kids were VERY excited about their project.  I think I see more PJ's being made in the near future!

Better yet, I did it for under $16. I scored tee shirts at Target on clearance, and the fleece was 70% off at Joanns!

Sorry I didn't get pictures of them sewing them just them smiling, wearing them.

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