Monday, October 20, 2014

Currently: Vol 3

A few weeks ago I started joining Hannah at Joyful Life with her Currently posts.  I look forward to linking up with her each week with out everyday post of our lives.

This weeks topics were....

Doing:  Getting ready for my mentor call with my upline through doTERRA to catch up, set goals and plan for the week with my business.  Also have a cranky almost 1 year old who is getting very frustrated trying to learn new things.  It is a fun stage but also a slightly frustrating one as a parent!

Silly girl, climbs up but can't get back down.  You help her down then she climbs right back up!

Planning:  In the mist of planning a 1 year old owl themed birthday.  Pintrest is one of the best things!  If you are interested check out some of my posts for cakes and birthday's.  Cakes-Birthdays
via incredibleinfant
Hoping to maybe do a couple of those ideas for her party!  First I need to finish painting my living room though which will be featured on my "This Old House" series on Friday.

Remembering:  To take time for myself this week!  My birthday is also this week being baby girl was born on my birthday.  With 4 little ones in the house, it is hard to take time for myself.  The living room painting project is for myself but sometimes I need to take time when she naps for a few minutes to do something special for myself.  The goal is to do my nails this week.

Wishing:  Sadly wishing for 6 hours to do shopping childfree!  It won't happen but would be nice to do some shopping for my birthday and get everything needed for the birthday party on Sunday.  And to make it even better would be someone to come in and clean my house for me especially being I want to work on a few house projects this week.

Loving:  This fall weather!  Again today the drive to Fleet Farm for more paint was just beautiful especially being the movie "Planes" was being played and all was quiet in the Suburban.

I'm also loving the support from my Monday morning Mom's group I attend each week.  Those ladies probably don't realize how big of place in my heart they really have.  It is so refreshing to get together with other moms with young children.

Hope everyone has a good week!  Mine is going to be hectic but fun!

Joyful Life


  1. Aww! We did an owl theme for my daughter's first birthday last year and it was so adorable. I can't wait to see pictures from your party!

    1. Her bedroom theme is owls and figured it would be fun to do her 1st birthday party the same. There was SO many fun owl themed birthday ideas on pintrest. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Aww that picture of your daughter is too cute! That brings back memories of that stage!! I hope all the planning and both birthdays are wonderful!

    1. Thanks, she is so funny. I finally had to put the chair up cause she kept climbing up and can't get back down. She was VERY frustrated :D Thanks for stopping by. I will be posting pictures of her party on Sunday night.