Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mother's Musing: Work At Home Mom

Being a "Work At Home Mom" makes me feel like I'm an "Insane Mom" somedays!  I snapped this picture the other day of where I was working. I was working on 2 different computers, for 2 different businesses! 

Yet, when I look over at my work companion, I can't help but smile.

With all that said, the flip side is being "Work At Home Mom" also keeps me sane.

My husband and I joke saying, "God knows you can't be a stay at home mom cause he keeps putting jobs in your lap".

What is nice about being a work at home mom, I still get to enjoy these kiddos, be here when the older kids get on the bus, off the bus, attend a Mom's Bible Study, playgroup, grocery shop during the day, swimming lessons, parks, etc.  The other day, we went outside in the afternoon, and took a walk on the driveway, and played with monster trucks.

Somedays, I get up early to work before everyone gets up (not very often -I like my sleep!), when Kezia naps and Zeke watches a movie next to me, and no more then once a week I go in the evening to teach an essential oil class.

We have found a schedule and routine that works for our family.  My dream was always to be a stay at home mom, apparently God had other plans for me and I'm quite happy with my work at home mom role right now!!!!!!

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