Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Old House: Farmhouse Cabinets

This week, I decided to work some more on the never ending kitchen project.  There were 3 lower cabinets left to paint to match the rest.

10 or so years ago, my uncle was tearing down a house, and we pulled this awesome cabinet out of that house. It was the only cabinet set in the kitchen, besides the pantry above and below the sink.  I stripped the cabinet set down to wood, but it had been painted originally so I had to paint it again.

A few years later we added a dishwasher and more counter top. 

I can't seem to remember to take before pictures!!!  Please ignore all the dishes.
Later, we moved the fridge to the corner, and added some cupboards on either side of the stove.  It has made canning MUCH easier!

Some day, I will get rid of the clutter on the wall, and have upper cupboards.  Waiting for the $50 garage sale stove to die first.

Someday, I will also have new flooring.  Two summers ago we bought flooring but have since changed our mind on what we want.

My helper priming the cupboards.

Projects like this take me a very long time to do.  One, we spend A LOT of time in my kitchen.  Two, baby girl has to be napping, and she is not a very reliable napper.  Three, I have many helpers!!!!!!

Excited to have yet another section of my kitchen project done.


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