Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Currently 12/27

I've have been doing a "Currently" post for quite awhile now.  It is fun for me to think about my week. To open up, and show bits and pieces of my daily thoughts, and life.

Last post of 2016 and it feels a bit strange.  This year has really flown by!!!!  

Making memories...This week is going to all be about making memories.  A lot has gone on in the last week.  Ezra's 1st Middle School band and choir concert.  My new stove finally coming.  Winter break starting with a snow storm, cookie making and a sick kid.  Mini family vacation.

He seems to be enjoying percussion this year.

Not a great picture of me but....
look how grownup he is starting to look, where did my little boy go?!?!?!?

MY STOVE!!!!  Now to paint walls again and decide what for sure we want above the stove.  One thing we go know, there is going to be a light!!!!

Out with the old, in with the new :D

New Years Eve PJ material. 
Each year the kids sew new PJs for New Years Eve.

Sugar cookie decorating.  Poor Zeke didn't get to help since he wasn't feeling good :(

Snowmen!  Friday's snowstorm was perfect for snowmen.

The awe of walking into the waterpark again.

We love Three Bears Lodge!  
It's perfect for our families ages, not too big or overwhelming.  
So much fun to have older kids and go now also.  
They really enjoyed the slides, wave pool 
(yes a couple small injuries), lazy river, etc.

Looking forward to 2016 Year In Review next week!  I tend to forget all we have done over the year until I do a Year In Review and our families 2016 book.

Hope you had a blessed 2016, I know we sure did!!!!!


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