Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yo Adrian Themed Birthday Party!

It was my nephew's 12th birthday last Monday so on Sunday we hosted a birthday party for him at our house.  It was not as extravagant as my kids parties but still just as much fun :)

The Happy Birthday sign in the entry way.  It was even more fun since no one had been to the house since we put up the window pane board!

The cake was even boxing shorts!  VERY simple to do. 

1.  On Friday I baked a 9x13 sheet cake.  Waited the 10 minutes and flip it out.  Then I waited a few more minutes and cut a diagonal off each side and the crotch area out.  Put it on the board I was using for decorating and put it in the freezer until Sunday.

Of course there is always complications when I bake cakes.  Sunday morning I realized I didn't have ANY food coloring in the house.  So my wonderful hubby went to the store for me! 

2.  Sunday morning I took the cake out.  First I mixed up blue and using a knife put that on the bottom and top. 

3.  Then came the white which I put in a plastic baggie and cut a corner off and did the stars on the bottom.  And then the lines.

4.  Mix together the red and filled in the rest of the open cake.

A basic cake and fairly easy to do IF everything just works :)

Next comes the presents, can't be a birthday without presents!!!!
The Happy Birthday sign in the back I actually made for my dad back in November.  Each of my kids have a fabric birthday banner and now think everyone needs a banner.  I don't have the time or patience to make one for everyone we know so....I just took scrapbook paper to do these.  I actually just hand drew them.  Cut them out and hole punched a hole in each corner.  And strung them up with white crochet thread!  Simple and easy to hang in different locations.

Of course I have to add the picture of us singing to him.  This picture of his is just priceless....I didn't think our singing was THAT bad.

Happy Birthday Chato....hope you had a good birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yo Adrian Themed Birthday Party is looking very enjoyable. I truly had an awesome time watching these pictures. My son is also sitting by my side and now he too wants this theme for his upcoming birthday bash. Though I would use same theme but will prefer hosting at some local New York venues.