Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What I Wore - 10/8

New What I Wore - 10/8

Awhile back I happened across a blog called The Pleated Poppy.  And I enjoyed watching for what she wore each day, then life got crazy and I stopped reading her blog.  Funny thing is recently Becky from Choose Happy started linking up with her.  And since I am starting to blog a few times a week I decided to attempt to join. 

Okay, so I am a stay at home mom that only tends to dress nicely a couple times a week I quickly came to the realization this was going to be a LOT harder then I thought!  Especially when I don't have a full length mirror that works to take pictures and never can remember to ask someone to take a picture of me.

Mom's Group
Corduroy Jacket - Chadwick's
Cream long tee - Old Navy
Jeggings- JCPenny
Brown Riding Boots - Kohl's

Cool morning waiting for the bus

Vest - VERY old
Spring Valley School sweatshirt
Skinny Jeans - JCPenny
Canvas Flats - Payless

Due to a couple migraines last week, I missed a picture of what I wore for church.

My attempt of last week, thinking next week will be better as I attempt to get better pictures of what I wore.  And I promise I won't wear jeans, sweatshirts, and vests everyday even though that is what I would prefer!



  1. YAY Rachel! Congrats on your first link up. I thought my first one double I deleted! Oops

    1. Thanks! Need to figure out all the ins and outs yet.