Friday, December 5, 2014

This Old House: Vol 9

Winter House Tour

This year is snowed really early, so I decided to go ahead and put up some winter decor.  

I had "help" setting up the snow village, with Daddy's old train set.  Since this is the only time he gets to play with the train set, he finds it pretty special.  Yes, it probably takes me 10 times as long to set it up, lots of extra cars and animals get added, but he is only little for awhile!

Our snowman fridge! 

This -I think- has been one of my favorites.  Especially when "someone" is giggling with delight!!

The entry got a projected added to it.  On pintrest I saw a post of a basket with snow balls and a chalkboard frame that said "You're never too old for a snowball fight".  Being I have a little one that is in to EVERYTHING!  I decided to shrink the project into something that would easily fit on the entry way side board.  My cheap, fast, Pinterest, project paid off.  A good friend had delivered tomatoes to me and forgot the basket.  I asked if she wanted the basket back, and she said, "no it has a broken handle".  So, I took the handle off, used some leftover red paint to add some color.  I have a bunch of extra picture frames around the house, found a 5x7 wooden frame, and painted it.  After it dried a bit, sanded the edges to "vintage" it.  Put my $3.47 snowballs in the basket....finished project.  

So far.....the snowballs have actually stayed in the basket!

Normally, we put the Mason jar snow globes the kids made last year on the coffee table, but I did not think baby girl would leave them alone. They looked pretty lonely up on the piano, Pinterest to the rescue!  The chalkboard sign for the snowballs gave me an idea, and there were a bunch to choose from.

I had a couple cheap, old, black 8x10 frames that I put some white paint on and vintaged, to complete the display. 

Where I got some of my winter decor ideas. 


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