Monday, May 25, 2015

Highlights of May so far!!!!

Well, three weeks have pasted since I've made a post!  Life has been a bit hectic here with a baseball, 4H, business trip, family vacation, and quite honestly...we're beat!  So here is a few highlights of the last few weeks at the Nelson Household.

1st Week of May

Woodbury Garage Sales, Proud kiddos with their dandelions for me, New highlights, My favorite picture Mother's Day with my youngest and my mother in law.

2nd Week of May

Neat plane in the Denver airport during layover,  BEAUTIFUL mountain in Salt Lake City with the corner of the doTERRA headquarters building, Fun window during layover in Pheonix, Team leader brunch before another class.  I'm so blessed to have such an amazing mentor and team who have such large giving hearts, who want to help their friends and families.

3rd Week of May

Ezra's 1st baseball game of the season, Hannah's "3 Billy Goats Gruff"1st Grade Play, YUMMY ice cream at Cone Zone in Owosso, Michigan, Our proud family with my nephew Josiah's graduation.

After having to choose ONLY 4 pictures from each week, no wonder I am exhausted and haven't had any spare time to make a blog post. 

Praying your May has had many blessings as well.



  1. Looks like you're having fun!! That ice cream looks delicious and makes me want some instead of dinner! :)

    1. It was AMAZING just not sure if was worth the migraine I ended up with later from all the sugar :D