Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Currently 10/21

Another crazy week, someday it will slow down and I know I will miss this.

Enjoying....This beautiful fall weather we are having.  Took the little ones for a walk the other day, takes MUCH longer with them but, they sure enjoy the leaves, sticks, and everything they see as treasures in their eyes!

Project....I wanted a scarecrow for out in the yard but couldn't find anything I really liked in the stores.  So, I made my own out of some misc materials around the house.  He turned out cute but keeps falling over when against the tree.  I think I am going to need to figure out a different spot for him to sit.

Working on....A coffee table redo.  I saw the idea on Pintrest and realized we had an almost exact table in the basement.   With the loveseat added to the living room that this one might fit better.

The before

More to come next week hopefully!

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  1. I love your scarecrow. He looks so cute.
    Stopping by from the linkup - Jenny

    1. The scarecrow was so much fun to put together!
      Thank you for stopping by....I really enjoy the Currently Linkup

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