Friday, January 8, 2016


Last few years the kids have sewn New Years Eve PJs.  It is a fun tradition we have started.

To get a decent picture of these guys can be very challenging!

 Baby Girl picked Minnie Mouse flannel.  For her shirt I cut a circle and I zig zagged it on a white tee shirt.

 This little guy picked Paw Patrol fleece.  He choose Marshall for his shirt and I also cut out the Paw Patrol badge to add to his shirt.

 Frozen is still a favorite at our house, so Elsa Snow Queen flannel was picked.

This guy did his completely by himself.  He has turned into such a good seamstress.  Storm Trooper fleece was what he wanted.

We have a simple pattern we use.  I normally cut them out for them and help the big kids sew their seams.  In a couple years the big kids should be able to do everything themselves.  They are learning a skill that not all kids get to learn!

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