Monday, February 8, 2016

Currently 2/8

The last few months I have been doing a "Currently" post.  It is fun for me to think about my week. To open up, and show bits and pieces of my daily thoughts, and life.  I'm linking up with Becky from Choose Happy.

Enjoying...Muffins for Moms with all 4 kids.  This is my oldest last year to do 'Muffins for Moms', next year he will be in 6th grade!  Fun to b able to have the memory!

Loving...I love watching my dad with my kids.  Snuggles are the best!!!!

Playing...We got more snow!  Kids had early release from the storm and a delayed start, I think their favorite part was getting turning plowing snow with dad!!!!

Verse of the week....My devotions, I have been reading through Proverbs with the book 'The Best Yes' with a mom's group that get together once a week.  So much personal development happening.  Verse that stuck out the most to me!

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  1. Snow plowing looks like a lot of fun! Have a great week. Stopping over form Choose Happy Currently link up! ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants

    1. They had a TON of fun and tears when it was time to come in! I think it made plowing more fun for dad also :D

      Thanks for stopping by!!!!