Thursday, February 4, 2016

Word of the Year: Content Vol 5


adjective  simple definition:  pleased and satisfied, not needing more

This morning I'm facing major writers block!  Maybe cause I'm just content this morning to sit with my cup of coffee in a peaceful quiet house that is going to be this way a few more minutes.  Even with my messy desk all around me since I'm trying to reorganize...which led to almost throwing my phone away yesterday! A good friend called me on my cell phone completely out of the blue which saved my phone from going to the curb in the trash bag.  

I do need to finish organizing my desk area but today multiple loads of laundry is on the list.  We are so pleased to have so much laundry, it means 4 healthy, growing kids, being blessed with clothes from either hand me downs, garage sales, gifts, and/or purchased.  It also means we have running water, a washing machine with HOT water, a warm house, and SO many other wonderful blessings!!!!!!

Praying you have as much to be content about as I do!


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