Thursday, February 18, 2016

Word of the Year: Content Vol 7


adjective  simple definition:  pleased and satisfied, not needing more

Today is spring pictures at school.  For years I have made a point to not pick out the clothes for the kids picture day.  Yet this morning I was really struggling with my oldest daughters clothing choice.  She has a whole wardrobe of really nice dresses that is usually her first choice in wearing.  This morning....nope she picks the oldest graphic tee shirt she owns, paired with a multi colored tiered skirt that didn't match.  I grumbled at her about not matching but didn't force her to change.  The boys put on their favorite shirts, one a bright orange sweatshirt.  Now, couple hours later I wish I hadn't said anything or grumbled at her.  She choose what she likes and felt good in, she was CONTENT with her choice!  Mom needs to learn from her example.

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