Thursday, March 24, 2016

Word of the Year: Content Vol 9


adjective  simple definition:  pleased and satisfied, not needing more

I really like what Lysa TerKeurst has to say here.  In the Mom's Group Bible Study I attend, we have been reading through her book 'The Best Yes'.  It always amazes me how when I really start to look into a certain aspect of my life, I find the subject coming up multiple times during the day in my different devotions and readings.  

Stop and think for a minute...what do you want out of life?  Now think a little harder, will that TRULY satisfy you?  Is God the middle of what you want?  HE is the ONLY one that can truly satisfy us.  From past experience I know if I don't put him first and upmost I will be left wanting more and true satisfaction is never completely meet.

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