Friday, April 1, 2016

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Zeke asked for a Paw Patrol Birthday this year!

Welcome to the Paw Patrol Party

Easy, simple with hardly any prep.

Fetch Sticks
 Pretzel Sticks

I picked up 3 dog dishes for $1 a piece at our local Dollar store, it added a fun touch to the display.

Reece's cereal

#5 Cake
Paw Patrol guys from
Cake recipe below for cupcakes
Mini cupcakes bites have a peanut butter m&m and 3 mini m&m's

 Scooby Doo Graham Cracker Bones

Puppy Chow
 This did get a little messy but our family LOVES puppy chow!

In the kitchen....

Wipe Your Paws

 Wiener Dogs
 In the morning I sprayed the inside of the crockpot with Olive Oil spray, stood packages of turkey hotdogs in, turned to low, and left until the party at 2.

Squeaky Balls
Everything was finger food, since Zeke loves cuties, labeled them 'Squeaky Balls'

In the morning I made 'puppy chow', cupcakes (recipe below) and put the hotdogs in the crockpot.  Think this might of been the least prep party we have had!!!!  The big kids even decorated the paw print cupcakes for me.

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