Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Currently 7/5

The last few months I have been doing a "Currently" post.  It is fun for me to think about my week. To open up, and show bits and pieces of my daily thoughts, and life.  

Enjoying...After church we went over to my Aunt's.  She spoiled the kids with a Gator ride, feeding the chickens, picking raspberries, and pony rides.

Happy 4th...Blessed with a beautiful day with family and friends!  Kids had fun baseball games, lots of good food, then finished the day off back in town for sparklers and fireworks.  Even better I got to ride with my hubby on the motorcycle back home.

Organizing...My playroom has always been a tough spot in our house.  We had a nasty couch that lasted through 4 kids potty training, illnesses, etc.  The playroom/office use to be a porch in our old farmhouse that we have put new windows and heat to turn into a four season porch.  I found a CHEAP deck set which fits the character of the room and is smaller then regular furniture.  After putting it all together I ended up rearranging the room but think it will be a work on progress for awhile.  The shape and size of the room makes it slightly challenging.  

Planning...Can't believe my oldest is going to be 11 in a couple days!!!  His birthday party is this weekend and 'Piano' theme.  Should be a fun day filled with family and friends again.  

Hope you have a blessed week!


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