Monday, August 29, 2016

Currently 8/29

This week is the last full week before school starts again.  Hate feeling like we need to fit everything in last minute so decided to not do much of that this year.  Hubby has been home last couple days for some eye doctor appointment, Ezra comes home today from PA, normal life stuff.  Thinking I might try to fit in one more fun thing before Open Houses and back to school next week!  

All Together...We are complete again in our house, everyone sure missed him while he was gone for a week!!!

Spontaneous Fun...Took the kids to Mall of America for an afternoon.  They each got to pick out 1 item in any store in a certain price range.  Hannah had the hardest time picking.  Funny thing was, as we were leaving they were talking together and concluded next time they are putting all the money together and buying ride tickets!  I'm MORE then okay with that.

Party Fun...Yesterday we spent the afternoon with good friends of ours for a joint birthday party.  The kids had an ABSOLUTE blast!

Laughing at...Sat down to teach a class only to realize my white board had been taken over!  

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