Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Currently 8/23

This week is the last full week before school starts again.  Hate feeling like we need to fit everything in last minute so decided to not do much of that this year.  Hubby has been home last couple days for some eye doctor appointment, Ezra comes home today from PA, normal life stuff.  Thinking I might try to fit in one more fun thing before Open Houses and back to school next week!  

So thankful for....This guy!  This week he is working on my Suburban instead of doing other projects that he would like to be working on.  He's handy and handsome :)  

Snuggles....After church this little guy was waiting his turn in the bathroom and he curled up on the bed with me.  Trying to soak in as many snuggles as I can get!

Looking forward to...A few things.  My oldest baby comes back home today!  Tomorrow I'm meeting with some ladies from town for supper.  I've missed my group of Mom's Bible Study ladies!  Crazy to think in a couple weeks our studies will start back up again.

Overwhelmed...Summertime has taken a toll on my house.  And September is going to be a crazy traveling schedule for me.  Eventually I will have my house back to more of a normal living space again.  Otherwise right now this sign tells the whole story!

Praying you are making memories this week!  


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