Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What I Wore 2/15

Next month or so, the 'What I Wore' posts might be a bit different.  Once again, joining the theme of the last week or so....sick, kid sick, broken washing machine has lead to some different wardrobe from me. (Oops I shouldn't of put off doing my own laundry, it's a good thing I have WAY too many clothes!!!!)  In ways it's making rethink my wardrobe in general.  Figure I am may as well take you along my journey as I go!  I will continue to wear skirts/dresses but this week not a daily thing.  'Modesty' can mean so many things and so can 'Personal Style' and 'Personal Conviction'.  I don't want to start a debate but rather let you tag along with me as I do some more learning all of these things for myself.  

Feeling like Spring & a bit more Human
In 30-55 degrees I tend to gravitate towards pants...
Sweater - ? // Tee - Gift // Pants - Maurices

Orthodontist & Groceries
Tee Shirt Hoodie - Oil Life // Tunic - LuLaRoe // 
Jeggings - JCP // Shoes - Walmart

LOL this is the look of 'I'm sick and I seriously don't want to be dressed or leave the house for my chiropractor appointment!'  I'm really glad I did but...
Denim Jacket - Gap // Tunic - Maurices // Jeggings - Walmart?

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