Monday, April 17, 2017

Currently 4/17

I've have been doing a "Currently" post for quite awhile now.  It is fun for me to think about my week. To open up, and show bits and pieces of my daily thoughts, and life.

Enjoying...Nicer weather and cleaning off the entry hooks with just spring jackets and mud boots.  It is the midwest so I haven't washed and boxed up the snow gear quite yet!!!  But it's nice to have a little more room in the entry again.

Changes...One of the many changes this week was my dad came and took down a tree that was dead outside our door.  Among other things we changed up a few things in the house. 

We also did a small kitchen remodel and changes in the old nursery.  More to come on that this week.

Laughing at...Kezia, 'look mom, my baby is wearing Uncle Jim's shoes, hehe.'

Birthday Party...Hannah's birthday isn't until the end of the month but we did her party this weekend.  Fun Power Ranger theme party.  

Pink Power Ranger Cake

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