Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This Old House: Mini Remodel

This Old House Edition:  Mini Kitchen Redmodel

So this has been a work on process for a LONG time!  Adding more cabinets, fixing a wall, painting, etc.  We still have a bit more to do but here is what we did this week.

What we had hoped was a simple fix of crumbling plaster 
by putting a couple sheets of paneling over...

Turned into this!!!!!

Thankfully I have a VERY handy hubby and he knew how to fix it.
Off came all the plaster and on went the paneling.

Yes, my fridge sat in the middle of the kitchen floor for a few days.  
Blocked the dishwasher.  Plaster dust ALL over the house.  
I ended up not feeling well a couple days but....

Here is the finished project!

So much brighter!  And fits our Old Farmhouse

Since I was already in a mess and moving things around.
I also moved our dining room table.

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