Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Year in Review

Wow, has 2017 flown by!  Seems like we say this every year. Everyone tells you, “the older your kids get the faster the years go by”.  Well, they are telling the truth!!!!!  We haven’t written a newsletter for a few years, and thought we would hit the highlights of our year.

January was recovering time for Zeke who had his tonsil and adenoids removed.  

It was also a very sad month here, with our barn being torn down.  There are plans to put a building back up close to the location, but it is a very large project.

Mr Zeke celebrated his 6th birthday in March!
Miss Hannah turned 9 in April

Spring time means baseball, softball & ragball.  MANY hours were spent at the ball field.


Then, the craziness of summer began.  Lots of pool time with swimming lessons.  
Over the 4th of July, we road tripped to Houston, Texas.  We spent a week there, with family and friends, spent a day at the Gulf of Mexico, and the Clevett family reunion.  
Then, we headed back home through Branson, Missouri,

where we stopped to celebrate Ezra’s 12th birthday!

Hannah and Ezra got to  go to Pennsylvania with their grandpa, ‘Papa Jack’ and visit his family.

The summer seems to end all too fast, with finishing fair projects, a week of the County Fair, Family Camp, and annual trip to Jellystone. All this gets squeezed in the last weeks before heading back to school.

Fall came, school started for all 4 kids.  Ezra 7th, Hannah 4th, Zeke 1st, and Kezia started preschool.    

Christian and I snuck one last motorcycle ride in with friends, before it got too cold.

Then, in October Kezia turned 4!!!!!

Finishing off 2017 with our annual trip to Three Bears Resort.

Trip to North Carolina to see two of my sisters with Pa and Grandma.

May you have a blessed 2018
-The Nelson’s “Christian, Rachel, Ezra, Hannah, Zeke & Kezia”

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