Monday, October 13, 2014

Currently: Vol 2

Happy Monday!  Okay so not as happy as it could be here at our house.  Moods are in high swing here and the fog this morning I don't think helped much.'s Monday and time to continue the Currently Series.  This is only my 2nd week but I think it is good for me to reflect.  Jenna at A Mama Collective has stepped down but Hannah at Joyful Life has welcomed us to link up with her.  I look forward to linking up with her each week with our every day post of our lives.

Thinking:  Hmm thinking about too many things.  Of my blog posts for this coming week.  Keeping my kids from fighting too much.  They are off school today and for some reason everyone is at each others throats today.  And I need to get baby healthy, she seems to have caught a cold, cutting teeth and poor thing is miserable.

Making:  Kezia's birthday banner.  Can't believe she is going to be a year next week already!  Where did the time go.
Thinking of doing something simple like this instead of fabric ones like I've made for all the other kids.

Anticipating:  Hubby's 40th birthday party Saturday night.  He requested a jam session after church which should be fun.  Need to figure out a chocolate, with more chocolate, and even more chocolate cake for him.   Sounds like we will have company also so that means getting the house ready.  Maybe I will feel ambitious and start painting the living room this week instead of next week.

Yum!  Too bad I won't be able to enjoy it with everyone but I enjoy making cakes.

Wearing:  Sabbath I actually took the time to dress up.  And felt quite pretty all day, something about putting on a pair of heels.  Otherwise I am living in jeans, fleece, and vests with this fall weather coming in.

Thankful for:  Not sure where to start!  Our Father above the loves us unconditionally, a wonderful husband, kids with only slight colds nothing more serious, a loving family and friends, heat in our house, some family time Friday night with a walk on the Red Cedar Trail followed with supper after at Culver's.

The kids enjoyed being able to ride their bikes since we are in the country and the driveway can get boring after awhile!  

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  1. Great job Rachel!!!!!!!!! You are doing awesome. Thanks for linking up with us! Congrats!