Friday, October 3, 2014

This Old House Part 1

We live in a old farm house built in 1902 (my husband might have to correct me).  I love the farmhouse charm and try to keep that in my decorating.  But with that being said,  10 years ago I painted my living room, but now my trim is flaking (probably not the best thing with an 11 month old that sticks EVERYTHING in her mouth).  And we have pulled up the almost white carpet up and stained it a dark red tone.  Since then we have also been given a dark green couch and maroon chairs.  So ever greatful since with 4 young children new furniture is not really an option.  But....even as much as I love the brown on my walls, it is time to lighten up the walls.

Please excuse the mess from the little urchin hiding behind the coffee table!
Now it is time do decide on that color.  Personally I like brown since off this room is the dining room which is green and the baby's room with is tiger orange.

I also like the warmth of the brown but it was almost noon when I took this picture and I had to turn on a light.  So, can I find something with warmth and lightness?!?!?

When I picked up color samples the other day I completely forgot to pick up a really light pink which is one I thought might work.  Instead I picked up a color called "Creamy Parchment" and "Toasted Sesame".

Creamy Parchment is on the left and Toasted Sesame on the right
Currently I am leaning towards the Creamy Parchment even though I am worried it will have a cool feeling.   I'm open to suggestions :)

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