Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mother's Musing: Mom's Don't get sick days!

Mom's Don't Get Sick Days!

  You guessed it, this week started with baby girl being sick/teething on Monday.  Then, on Tuesday I came down with a sore throat, fever, body aches..  Even after oiling everyone up with essential oils all day!  UGH, mom's don't get sick days!!!!  Thankfully my wonderful husband fed the kids, and kept them quiet, after he got home from work.  I was able to take a lavender bath each evening, and go to bed early. 

Here is the downfall.. My house went quickly from our normal to, ummm, BAD!  Laundry climbing the wall in the bathroom, not including everyone's bedrooms, towels, and sheets that need to be changed.

This is what I started with this morning, even after my hubby tried to do a little picking up before going to bed. It was MUCH worse before his attempts!!

I made my mission for the day, that I was going to try to get the main floor back to our "normal".  It may have taken me most of the day, but I mostly was successful.

Here is the after...

5 loads of laundry, supper in the crockpot, and this mommy is DONE for the day!  There is still a couple loads of wash to carry upstairs and put away. I'm just happy to have it "clean"!  There is no hired cleaning lady in this house.  To some, this is clean, to others, it is not to their standards.  What is wonderful about having your own household, is you get to pick what your "normal/happy" is!  Pretty sure this will make everyone's day when they walk in the door this afternoon.  For my kids, "normal" makes them so much happier.  Find your "normal" for YOUR home, just make it home, and what makes your family happy.

Let's just not take a picture of mommy.....there will be no picture for "What I Wore" today!


  1. Love this post! I was cleaning most of the day too. Thankfully no one is sick though exspecially me :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! This has been a subject on my heart for awhile now.