Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mother's Musings

Now days with social media, you can make your life look perfect!  One of the reasons I started blogging, was to show that not everyone is perfect.  I can take a picture of my kids, all clean, not crying, being kind to each other.  Is that normal daily life?  Normally 30 seconds later, it doesn't look like that.  Yet, it is nice to look back at those pictures, and remember memories of them sitting still, not pulling hair, and not crying!

Earlier this week, at the Mom's Bible Study I attend, we talked about how social media has made it hard for young moms, comparing ourselves to others through social media.

Today, my 2 youngest have been non stop all day.  Our house is FULL of toys!  Several totes in the basement of toys.  A playroom full of toys.  Toys all over the floors.  Yet, what do they play with?

A car seat base makes a good jungle gym and car ramp!  Cat food container, that's a sensory toy, right? 

Currently as I type, they are eating animal crackers off the floor...I'm not perfect, my kids aren't perfect, so why do we try to make it look that way?!?!?!?

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