Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Tour

HAPPY SPRING!!!! Even Wisconsin currently seems to agree for now.

In this house, spring means 2 birthday parties.  Normally I don't do much for spring decorations.

Last week I decided to get a mirror from Amazon to hang above the piano.  I LOVE it!!!!!  Very happy with how to turned out.

The burlap banner was very simple, some left over burlap that I cut into triangles, crochet thread to hang it on with mini clothes pins, and print out letters glued on.  Searched Pinterest for a spring chalkboard prints and found a couple that I liked.

Last year, Hannah's birthday party theme was "Spring" and I made this wreath for the door.

A little fun in the entry way with an old pair of boots!

Fresh flowers are also nice in the house, my new splurge from Aldi every couple weeks.  On the windowsill I put the crate and tulips from last years party also.

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