Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TMNT Birthday Party

Zeke turned 4 on Saturday.  Not quite sure how that has gone by so fast!  He requested a Teenage Mutant Ninja Party.  What a fun, simple party to have.

Birthday Banner with his display

Lime Jello as "Toxic Ooze"

Swiss Cake Rolls and Chocolate Licorice "Nunchucks"

 Oreos "Sewer Lids"

 Canister for forks, fun napkins and plain plates for the food.
Did take out pizza of course, salad and veggies.

Turtles Cake

My sister made him an awesome hat also!

Last but not least, 8x10's of the birthday boy through the years!

Hope you have enjoyed the quick tour of our TMNT Birthday Party.  You can search on the side for other fun themed birthday parties at our house!!!!

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