Monday, January 4, 2016

Currenlty 1/4

The last few months I have been doing a "Currently" post.  It is fun for me to think about my week. To open up, and show bits and pieces of my daily thoughts, and life.  I'm linking up with Becky from Choose Happy.

New Year...Where did 2015 go?  So many people are saying the same thing.  Seems like the more kids I've had and the older they get the faster the years go by!  New Years Eve we had people over to ring in the New Year.  Kids had their new PJs made, and a few others wanted to sew PJ bottoms also. 


Helpers....My helpers making cookies for the New Years Eve party! 

Laughing at....This little girl keeps us on our toes and filled with laugher.  Here after church she was 'organizing' her aunties purse, of course accessories required!

Enjoying...My view when I walk out my door each day.  There is something about an old barn in the snow!  We got a few more inches after this picture was taken.  The kids have sure enjoyed more snow to play in.

Thinking about...Last week my best friend challenging me to select a single word to guide my year.  

Do you make resolutions every new year that you swear you will keep? Only to have them end up on the forgotten or gave-up pile yet again? Try something different this year. Select a single word to guide your year instead. You just might be as surprised as I was at the incredible impact it makes.

Currently I have 3 words I am trying to decide between.  The plan is each Thursday I will post something of my selected word for the week.  

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