Thursday, July 28, 2016

Word of the Year: Content Vol 15


adjective  simple definition:  pleased and satisfied, not needing more

I haven't wrote a 'Content' post in way too long.  The problem hasn't been so much that I don't feel content but more I'm a crazy mom of 4 trying to make memories this summer.  Yet...I have had my share of discontent thoughts in the last few weeks.  Is it bad that I have been trying to document our activities so in years to come I can look at them with happiness and NOT remember the frustration I was probably feeling at the time?!?!?  Many moms I talk with have the same feelings.  Personally think that is okay.  Life doesn't have to be perfect.  Ask your kids, good chance they remember daily life a little different then you do.  Which leads to my personal goal:

Photo Credit:  Brandy Ann Photography

This picture shows our true selves and the saying exactly what my husband and I are trying to do.  In order to follow that verse, my husband and I need to show them an example of serving the Lord.  Sometimes that is finding a sitter for an evening for just us, setting time aside to better our health, and study daily with personal walk with the Lord.

What example are you showing?

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