Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Word of the Year

Last year my word of the year was CONTENT....and honestly I had a hard time keeping up with those posts.  Not only because it's hard to be content in life but more like life got in my way.  I think the biggest thing I learned in the last couple years is how to be 'spontaneous' which can sometimes lead to me not thinking about myself.  And when mom's cup is empty she has no more to pour into others.  Lately SELF CARE has been on my heart!  Okay, so that is two words.  I have been finding so many other moms who struggling with that also and it's something I have really been working on.  No it isn't a big philosophical word but...that is what I am going to work on this year and willing to share my journey along the way.

What does self care mean?  Self care is any activity that you do voluntarily that helps you maintain your physical, mental or emotional health.  It can help you feel healthy, relaxed and ready to take on your work and responsibilities.  

Join me on my journey of sharing my ways of SELF CARE through 2017!

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