Thursday, January 26, 2017

Word of the Year: Self Care Vol 4

Volume 4:  Create your space.  

What does self care mean?  Self care is any activity that you do voluntarily that helps you maintain your physical, mental or emotional health.  It can help you feel healthy, relaxed and ready to take on your work and responsibilities.  

As a mom and a Christian if I don't start some time prayer and thankfulness, my day normally doesn't go too well.  Here's a little look at 'my space' I've created for myself.  

Basket for my notebook, Bible, devotional, journal right next to my comfy chair.

I want everything to be right in arms reach, otherwise I won't want to get up after my run!

Mug of coffee in hand!
'Raising Tiny humans is exhausting'. Isn't that the truth?!?!?!?  

Since I'm a cold baby I tend to also wrap up in a afghan someone made for our wedding. 

Is this always perfect?  By no means no!  Do I always spend the time I should in the word?  NO!  But being it's something I do each morning I look forward to writing down a few things I'm thankful for each morning and a few things I need to be praying about all day.  The neat thing about writing things you want to remember in prayer is going back days/weeks/months/years later and seeing where prayers have been answered. 

Next week:  Volume 5 Movement

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